Increase Your Revenues and Ensure the CSP’s Sales/Marketing groups benefit from your solution.
Our conversational platform is the right companion for companies that are great at virtual assistants and integrating with customer care agents, and have a client base of Mobile OpCo’s and/or Communication Service Providers (CSP).



We Are Starscriber

And Bring 14 Years of Experience in Building and Optimizing Intelligent Messaging Channels for Mobile Operators and Airtime Resellers.


We Help You Increase Your Revenues

Sell, Sell, Sell, ...

Engage  clients when relevant, convert more, upsell when you can & combine many sources of credit :)

Learn how we do it.

We incremented one client's bundle sales by 200% in 12 months.

TrustBot Targets Your Clients

14 - 35 Years Olds
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Social is Everywhere
Your audience resides in social channels and many do not relate to SMS, IVR, USSD
We help you 1) on-board, 2) convert & 3) retain

We Combine Our Expertise With Yours

Customer Service


Sales & Marketing
Your Clients
Happy Everyone

TrustBot HIGH VALUE Features

Those powerful lifecycle triggers such as low balance that make this solution engage with relevant offers at the right time, everytime.

This is the hardest part.  How do we cost effectively find, engage, educate and attract subscribers? We know what works:)

Credit, Debit, Existing Balance, Airtime Loans, Debit Loans = Subscriber Combined Credit.


It’s a part of the business.  We have the knowledge and controls to combat this.

Upsell/Next Best Offer

The customer can use some recommendations from time to time.  You can use more conversions.

BYOI or Use Ours :)

Bring your own intelligence or leave it to us, we’re experts. Purchase predictions, credit scores and next best offers.

Don’t sacrifice.  
Speak to us about combining our expertise in Sales & Marketing with your existing Customer Service messaging solutions.

The Extras

Customization of language and flow designs.
Registration, personalization and user profiling.
Handoffs to existing customer agents.
Managed cloud services.
Reporting, dashboard, VIP spending alerts.
Integration with subscription managers.

TrustBot Architecture

Just Your Average Cloud Based Solution Optimized For Mobile OpCo’s

Low Balance Triggers
Recharge Triggers
Subscription Manager
Recharge API’s
Payment Gateway
Extra Credit Service
User Profile Service
Hosted on AWS
Knowledge Base
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Take advantage of the hands-on expertise we gathered by providing intelligent messaging solutions to Mobile Operators and Airtime Resellers.  

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14 Years of Experience in Building and Optimizing Intelligent Messaging Channels for Mobile Operators and Airtime Resellers.
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