Slow Mobile OpCo's

Mobile Operator’s service their clients with devices and offerings intended to make communication faster, more reliable and more convenient.

Naturally they gravitate toward aggressive data pricing and value bundles to acquire subscribers and keep these subscribers. One of the most common by GIVING away social media channels such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

The irony is that while enabling these communication and social channels, the majority of these mobile operators are not properly utilizing these channels for sales and marketing purposes.


I’ve been involved in mobile for more than 20 years and Starscriber has been offering intelligent messaging for mobile operators for nearly 14 years.

Old habits die hard.

IVR/USSD and SMS are still king. Apps and Web are the digital darlings.

Messaging Channels aren’t free. Additional per message costs dissuade adoption.

Competing interests within the Operator?

  • Social team

  • Marketing and VAS team

  • Recharge team

  • Customer Care team

Early failures have reduced enthusiasm. Kitchen sink...wrong audience...wrong vendor.


IVR/USSD/SMS have their places but as the population of subscriber’s age, these technologies will become less relevant.

Digital apps such as web and app will continue to add value but with downloads off apps reducing year over year and generalist, complicated websites there is room for utilizing already installed applications to deliver convenient, rapid solutions.

Messaging channel integrators will need to align their pricing with the mobile operator’s business model. Charging per message is a non starter.

Operator’s will realize that messaging channels can service more than one vertical, however each vertical may require vendor’s with different specialties or duties. Mobile Operator’s have hundreds of vendors inside of their ecosystem today. They will do so with their messaging channels as well. This should be a lessoned learned from early failures.

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