Starscriber Makes Prepaid Easy to Access and Easy to Use

Starscriber, the global leader in CallMe solutions and easy to access and easy to use prepaid solutions has announced the availability of its EasyWay service extension to its well-received CallMe services.

EasyWay seamlessly extends the well-established usage pattern of CallMe by presenting additional options to the user in an unobtrusive menu. While subscribers can still take advantage of the CallMe service by placing a call and quickly ending it, new product features like LendMe credit sharing, emergency credit, credit transfer and friends & family management are now even easier to access and easier to use.

The solution greatly increases the benefits for Starscriber’s operator partners by extending the range of easily accessible value added services. Furthermore, the immediate availability of options in an insufficient credit situation greatly reduces churn, which has been shown to be greatest when prepaid subscribers are out of credits and start to evaluate their communication options.

About Starscriber

Starscriber is an intellectual property and telecom solutions company, based in the U.S with offices in Canada and South America offering the new generation of enhanced CallMe services. Our 4.5+ billion potential customers reside in hyper growth emerging mobile phone markets.

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