About Starscriber

Starscriber is a well financed privately held solutions company making high value mobile prepaid services easier to access and easier to use. Our 4.5 billion potential consumers reside in hyper growth emerging mobile phone markets where high value services such as CallMe Back call completion and financial services such as EasyCredit emergency credit, LendMe P2P lending and GiftMe credit transfer are difficult to access and even harder to use or implement.

Our History

Today, we are a multinational firm headquartered in the U.S. with a global presence. Our DNA evolved from the study of human behavior while using prepaid mobile phones in South Africa. As mobile phones became pervasive and accessible, even to people living on less than $1 per day, certain behaviors never witnessed before were being discovered by Starscriber founders.

Over the course of many years of studying how consumers acquire and manage airtime and prepaid credits while interacting with family members, friends and colleagues, Starscriber’s first concepts and patents began to take shape. After several years of observation and discovery, Starscriber Corporation was founded in late 2006. Since that time, Starscriber has been evolving and advancing solutions, which ensure prepaid mobile services are easier to access and easier to use.

Our Mission

We make mobile prepaid services easier to access and easier to use for 4.5 billion mobile subscribers in emerging markets.

Our Vision

We envision a mobile world where basic high value communication and credit services are available to all prepaid mobile consumers regardless of their demographic, socio-economic status, or location.