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Starscriber and Tavia Technology Partner with Etisalat Nigeria

Starscriber, the global leader in VAS solutions and Tavia Technology have entered into a commercial agreement with Etisalat Nigeria to provide Starscriber’s EasyWay services to its 20M+ mobile subscribers. The solution is expected to offer Starscriber’s CallMe solution along with GiftMe and LendMe solutions for credit transfer between Etisalat subscribers. The solution greatly increases the […]

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CallMe Call Completion

Starscriber offers the most unique CallMe Back service in the world. A subscriber can use this service with and without credit simply by dialing a call and then immediately hanging up.

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LendMe & GiftMe P2P Lend / Share Credit

Sharing credit with loved ones is even easier with Starscriber’s quick access EasyWay solution, which seamlessly extends the well-established usage pattern of CallMe by presenting additional options to the user.

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EasyCredit Emergency Credit

Consumers are most likely to churn when they run out of credit.

Starscriber enables emergency credit top-ups at the exact moment that a subscriber with insufficient funds needs it, reducing churn.

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Supercharged VAS

Call Starscriber today to receive our case study and assist us in building your business case. You will become an instant believer.

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Claro Chile
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Llama y Corta

Claro Chile offers the Starscriber CallMe service to all of their prepaid subscribers. It has quickly become their most popular VAS solution.

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The Unconnected Network

We call it the unconnected network. You will call it an advantage. Our analytics allow us to drastically improve adoption rates of P2P and P2A services.